Family Medicine

Amber Cardoos, MD

Alpert Medical School of Brown University


Hello! I grew up in Littleton, MA, a small town where cow crossings and escaped bulls occasionally made the local police report. After graduating with a degree in psychology from Williams College, I worked as a research coordinator with a team studying treatments for adult depression. This experience integrated my interest in mental health with my appreciation for long-term clinical relationships, while showing me the importance of holistic health care. I discovered a passion for primary care, and I changed course to focus on a career in medicine. I felt lucky to get to know the Providence area while attending medical school at Brown University. From the start, I found my home in family medicine. I love working with everyone from birth until older adulthood, and it is a gift to be present for patients through all stages of their lives. My interests in family medicine are broad, and include addiction medicine, pediatrics, palliative care, and reproductive health. Outside of medicine, my partner and I enjoy cooking and gardening together, exploring outdoor activities in New England, and spending time with our nephew and nieces (and showing pictures to anyone willing to indulge us)! The Providence area has truly begun to feel like home, and I am very grateful to spend the next three years in Rhode Island.