Family Medicine

Liza Simmons, DO

University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine


I chose the Brown Family Medicines Warwick track because of the combination of healthcare training opportunities offered. I was pursuing a program with a strong Osteopathic curriculum, LGBTQ+ medicine, women’s health/reproductive justice, and behavioral health training. As the pandemic prevented applicants from visiting the program in person, the accolades from current residents affirmed my decision that Warwick’s track was the right place. During my interview, I felt blown away by the camaraderie, enthusiasm and support from the faculty, staff and residents. I am thrilled to be joining the Brown Family Medicine team and exploring all that Providence has to offer.

I enjoy meeting people from different cultures, exploring new landscapes and languages. During high school, I spent time living in Paris, France and in college I worked in Haifa, Israel at a school for children with physical disabilities. My favorite places to hike are the Canyons in Arizona and Utah but I will settle for a rock wall when Sedona is out of reach. I grew up singing, playing guitar and piano, and pursued a cappella in college and medical school, which has helped me maintain some balance and perspective! My other favorite hobbies include: knitting, reading books (Harry Potter), cooking with friends, playing board games with family, and hanging out with my cat Leo.