Family Medicine

Zach Burns, DO

Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine


A plant-based nutrition advocate, I am in medicine to help improve the lives of human and non-human beings. To participate in birth and dying in family medicine is to remember that we too are animals, dependent on each other and the environment. Kent is a robust community hospital where I will build a foundation caring for people in all stages of life. Kent hosts nearly every inpatient rotation in the Warwick track, facilitating good relationships with colleagues around the hospital. The Warwick track also excites me for its incorporation of osteopathic manipulative medicine, a non-invasive modality that—like plant-based nutrition—often reduces one’s need for pills and procedures. The training is further enhanced by regular collaboration with Pawtucket classmates and with Brown’s medical students.

I’m a semi-pro jazz pianist and campfire guitar player. Daily workouts and colorful meals keep my body and brain fit. Soccer and skiing are my sports. Occasional creative writing is cathartic. My mission is to help expedite the end of factory farming, and I enjoy mobilizing people around issues of plant-based nutrition, animal welfare, and climate change mitigation. I serve as Outreach Director for Moving Medicine Forward, a non-profit devoted to building a new generation of physicians who are nutritionally aware and prepared to tackle our chronic disease burden.  I am lucky to have family and friends around New England who challenge me and and make me laugh.