Family Medicine

Information for Applicants

We accept applications from allopathic and osteopathic candidates through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service).

Thank you for your interest in the Brown Family Medicine Residency.  We accept applications from allopathic and osteopathic candidates through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service).

We offer 12 PGY-1 positions at the Pawtucket site and 4 PGY-1 positions at the Warwick site.
Our Match numbers are: 
Pawtucket: 2270120C0
Warwick: 2270120C1

Residents forming a heart



For the 2021-22 recruiting season, we will be conducting virtual interviews on Zoom. Interviews take place October through January on Tuesdays and Fridays. Applicants will have an opportunity to get to know residents while hearing what it's like to live in RI, learn about our comprehensive, full-spectrum Family Medicine curriculum from residency leadership, interview with faculty and residents, and discuss the future of Family Medicine with the department chair. 


Salary and Benefits

Resident salaries for the 2022-23 academic year are:

  • 1st year:   $57,000
  • 2nd year:  $59,000
  • 3rd year:   $61,000

The resident benefit package includes:

  • FICA (Federal Insurance Corporation Act--Social Security)
  • Professional Liability Insurance, $1 million/$3 million coverage
  • Health insurance package for self and family
  • Disability insurance (TDI through the State of Rhode Island)
  • Limited medical license for the State of Rhode Island
  • Uniforms and Laundry Service
  • Private on-call quarters
  • Locker and study carrels
  • Three weeks vacation each year
  • Educational stipend that can be used for conferences and educational materials: $1000 in PGY1 and PGY2; $1500 in PGY3
  • Use of Brown University facilities (libraries, computer center and athletic facilities)

Resident Leadership

Two PGY3 residents from Pawtucket and Warwick are elected by their peers to serve as chief residents, acting as resident advocates and liaisons between residents and the department. Both Pawtucket and Warwick also have MCH chief residents - two PGY3s in Pawtucket and one PGY2/3 in Warwick, serving as leaders and liaisons between residents, the MCH directors and MCH staff on maternal and child health issues.  In addition, Pawtucket has two PGY3 scheduling chiefs who coordinate night call, vacation and sick call schedules.Resident Activities, as well as clinic chiefs and education chiefs. 

Resident Retreat

Two annual events directed by residents, for residents, during which attention is focused on well-being and team-building. Faculty members provide coverage so that all residents can take part.

Support Groups

First-year residents and senior residents meet regularly to discuss matters of individual or common concern, both personal and professional. Family Medicine and Behavioral Health faculty facilitate the groups.

Balint Groups

Balint Group training is a method of understanding the doctor/patient relationship and learning the therapeutic possibilities of communicating skillfully with patients. The purpose of Balint Groups is to focus on the empathetic process and develop safety and trust through group cohesion. These groups, facilitated by trained faculty, are open to second- and third-year residents.


Social activities are planned throughout the year, including class potluck dinners, department holiday parties, graduation celebrations, cookouts and an annual talent show. Because the call schedule is completed a year in advance, residents and their families have plenty of notice to plan vacations and time off.