Family Medicine

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Doctors reviewing a knee ultrasound

  • Full-spectrum, patient-centered training at Thundermist Health Center in West Warwick, a Community Health Center dedicated to providing health care to those who need it most. The Warwick track is a Clinic-first model. 
  • Graduates from DO programs will have the opportunity to perform osteopathic manipulative treatment during their primary care sessions and OMM clinic, which takes place every Wednesday evening. 
  • Residents provide gender affirming care and work alongside the Trans* Health Access Team at Thundermist while in clinic. The Trans* Health curriculum is integrated in weekly didactic sessions. Additionally, residents have the opportunity to  pursue an adolescent medicine elective, or a specific gender care elective.
  • Residents complete suboxone training during PGY2 and work with Thundermist’s Medication Assisted Treatment team to provide care for those with substance use disorder.
  • Residents perform a variety of procedures while in clinic, such as biopsies, vasectomies,LARC placement, joint injections, etc. Residents also participate in a procedure clinic which occurs every Friday morning.
  • Residents provide longitudinal care at Westview Nursing and Rehabilitation center and for homebound patients starting their PGY2 year.
  • Warwick residents staff their own family medicine MCH service at Kent Hospital, supervised by Family Medicine attendings and private OB/GYNs. This service is unopposed. As a part of the family medicine MCH service, we manage the OB care for our Thundermist patients and the patients of private OB/GYNs. We also manage the care of newborns who will receive their pediatric care at Thundermist. Typically, one resident is on service at a time. Interns spend 2 months on the MCH service and second years spend 1 month. Residents interested in including MCH into their future career, including pursuing an OB fellowship, will spend additional time on the MCH service as part of the MCH track.